Where Faith Meets Fire


Step into CrossWalk Youth, a space pulsing with energy and life, where every moment is an invitation to dive deep, rise up, and live out loud. It's more than just meetings; it's about making memories, forging friendships, and embarking on an epic journey of faith together. Ready to light up your world?

Joyful teenagers participating in a piggyback race game onstage at a youth service event, smiling and having fun together.
Not Your Average Tuesday

Weekly Gatherings

Tuesdays are about to become your favorite day of the week. With Every Night bashes that bring us all under one roof for electrifying worship and CG Nights that get real and raw, your faith journey's never been this lit. Plus, with Instagram-worthy moments around every corner, you won't want to miss a beat.

Big Nights, Bigger Vibes

Everyone Nights

Every other Tuesday, from 6 PM to 8:30 PM, Everyone Nights are where the magic happens. Imagine a mash-up of epic worship, deep talks, and all the fun you can handle. We're talking food for sale (because, snacks), basketball showdowns, and games that'll make you forget about your phone. It's the ultimate hangout, plus some serious God moments.

Pastor Ryland Morrow leading worship and prayer with a raised Bible, as youth raise their hands in a spirited service.
Group of happy teenagers enjoying a meal outdoors, some seated and some standing, making playful gestures and smiling at the camera.
Get Real, Get Close

Connect Group Nights

CG Nights are where the squad comes together in Williamsburg and Newport News, breaking down into grade and gender-specific circles. It's about getting to the heart of it all—faith, life, and everything in between. In homes and hangouts, find your crew and dive into discussions that matter.

NOVEMBER 8TH & 9TH, 2024

Youth Conference

A beacon for those ready to commit to a path of unwavering faith and endless potential. Over two transformative days, immerse yourself in powerful worship, insightful talks, and adrenaline-pumping activities.

This conference is a collision of conviction and celebration. Stand with peers who, like you, are choosing to move forward, fearless and focused. It's more than a conference; it's a declaration.

Upcoming Events

Lead Loud, Live Bold


Got a flair for leading and a heart set on making a difference? Our internships aren't just about getting your hands dirty; they're about leaving a mark. It's your shot to inspire, influence, and ignite a passion for Jesus in others—while gaining epic experience along the way.

Three young adult students smiling for a photo at a youth event, one wearing a shirt with the text "SEEK FIRST."
Youth group members participating in a game, with a one laughing and a boy with hands on his face in a playful expression of surprise.
Guide. Mentor. Inspire.

Want to be a Youth Leader?

We’re scouting for heroes ready to lead the charge, shape minds, and stir souls. Whether you’re rallying the troops at Everyone Nights or steering deep dives during CG Nights, your influence can spark a revolution. Ready to lead a crew of fire-starters?