Jobs & Employment

This isn't just a job or career, it's a calling! See God use you in ways you never Imagined.

Silhouette of a person holding a camera with their arm raised at a worship service with bright stage lights and a crowd in the background.
Make a Difference

Discover Your Purpose

Embark on a journey where your professional skills and your passion for making a difference converge. Joining our team isn't about filling a position; it's about answering a call that aligns with your deepest values. Experience the joy of contributing to a mission that extends beyond the four walls of an office, into the heart of the community and beyond.

Grow With Us

We believe in nurturing the talents and dreams of our team members. Here, you'll find more than a job—you'll find a community committed to growth, learning, and support. Whether you're stepping into your first role or bringing years of expertise, your journey with us will be marked by personal development, spiritual growth, and the chance to see the impact of your work firsthand.

Available Positions

Site Director

CrossWalk Church is seeking a full-time Site Director for an exciting opportunity to build God’s Kingdom in a beautiful location in southeastern Virginia.

Kidswalk Childcare Employees

Join CrossWalk Church's dedicated team and make a difference on the Kidswalk Team. Help nurture young minds during weekly services and special events.

Three young adult students smiling for a photo at a youth event, one wearing a shirt with the text "SEEK FIRST."
Launch Your Career

Internship Opportunities

Dive into a world of opportunity with our internship programs, designed to give you a head start in your career while serving a higher purpose. As an intern, you'll gain hands-on experience, mentorship from seasoned professionals, and insight into your chosen field—all within a supportive and mission-driven environment. It’s your chance to grow, learn, and make a tangible difference.