Your Next Step

Water Baptism

Embrace your new life in Christ through water baptism, a public declaration of faith to your community and the world!

Why Get Baptized?

Water baptism is a significant step in your spiritual journey, symbolizing your new life in Jesus Christ.

Public Declaration: Show the world you've chosen to follow Jesus.

Spiritual Milestone: Celebrate the transformative power of Christ in your life.

Join the Celebration: Experience this profound moment surrounded by your church family.

Is It Time?

Children & Baptism

Is your child ready to be water baptized? Deciding on baptism for your child is significant. It's essential they comprehend this step in their spiritual journey.

Faith Exploration: Encourage your child's understanding of faith, helping them grasp the meaning of a life dedicated to Jesus.

Age-Appropriate Guidance: Ensure they are at an age where they can recognize the commitment baptism signifies.

Supporting Their Decision: Engage in open conversations about faith, baptism, and their personal journey with God.

Child Dedications: Support your children in a community of faith-filled people who will encourage them on their journey