Dr. Alicia Britt Chole

Author, Speaker, & Mentor

Dr. Alicia Britt Chole has often been compared to a velvet-wrapped sword: her voice is soothing and her messages are piercing.

She loves less than trendy spiritual formation themes like what grows in barren seasons, the gift of decrease, the use and abuse of spiritual authority, doubt as a growing pain of faith, and habits of a truly healthy soul.

An intriguing wordsmith, Alicia is a skillful mentor, an award-winning writer, and an international speaker. Men and women, learners and leaders, across ethnically diverse groups agree: In a culture obsessed with all-things-new, Alicia brings ancient truth to life.

Alicia holds a doctorate in leadership and spiritual formation from George Fox Seminary and serves as the founding director and lead mentor of Leadership Investment Intensives (, a nonprofit devoted to providing customized soul-care for leaders in business and ministry.

Along with her husband, Dr. Barry Jay Chole, and their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption), Alicia lives in the Ozark countryside and enjoys thunderstorms, jalapenos, #LOTR, thorny questions, wild woods, and pianos in empty rooms.

From our hearts to yours — you're invited TO Thrive Conference Twenty-19

Thrive Conference is an all-inclusive gathering of everyday girls representing all ages and walks of life. We believe in the beauty and potential within the feminine heart and that we are even better when we come together. We’re an ever-expanding sisterhood where there’s always room for more. So... we want to warmly welcome you to join us this year for a weekend that will inspire, refresh, and empower you to be all that you’re created to be.

You’re going to love our fabulous guest, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole (affectionately called Dr. ABC), who will bring a depth of wisdom and truth that you won’t want to miss. God has something very special in store for His girls this weekend that will take us deeper, unlock potential, expand capacity, and enable us to thrive in whatever season and circumstance we find ourselves in.

It would be our honor to host you at our house on March 8th - 9th. You’re invited for a weekend experience of going deeper and growing stronger.
Pam Morrow
Senior Pastor
CrossWalk Church
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On-Site Registration — 6:00pm
Opening Celebration (Session 1) — 7:00pm
After Party — 9:00pm
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Session 2 — 9:30am
Coffee Break — 11:00am
Session 3 — 11:45am
Session 4 — 1:00pm
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Evening Celebration (Session 5) — 6:00pm

*Sunday services will include conference speaker at our Williamsburg locations. If you are still in town, we would love for you to join us!
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