Kidswalk Camp: Coming up on June 17th - 21st! Learn more and register.
Where Kids Encounter Jesus


Kidswalk is a vibrant ministry uniquely crafted to lead children into meaningful encounters with Jesus. It's where faith meets fun, learning, and adventure! Join us as we embark on a journey to build a foundation of faith that encourages generosity and devotion—one that's not just for Sundays but for every day.

Let's make your family's first experience unforgettable!

First-time Families

Is your family new to Kidswalk? We're thrilled to welcome you! Make your first visit seamless by filling out our digital connect card. It's a quick way to introduce your family, so we can meet you at the First Time Families table and connect with your kids from the get-go.

JUNE 17TH - 21ST, 2024

Kidswalk Camp

Packed with exciting activities, engaging Bible lessons, and the chance to make lifelong friends, Kidswalk Camp is the highlight of the year for kids at CrossWalk Church. Let your children discover a deeper faith and experience God’s love in an environment crafted for their enthusiasm and energy.

Illustration of a lion surrounded by leaves with the text "Kidswalk Camp" and "ROAR" in bold letters.
A group of boys participating in an outdoor activity at Kidswalk Camp, some wearing blue T-shirts and one in a black T-shirt, are clapping hands.
Uncover the joy of Jesus-centered learning

A Place of Discovery

At Kidswalk, we're passionate about guiding kids towards a heartwarming discovery of Jesus' love and the truths of the Bible. Our environment is crafted to kindle big faith, highlight generosity, and nurture devotion in the hearts of children. Because we believe that when we reach kids with the Gospel today, we empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Missed last Sunday? We’ve got you covered!

Latest Service

Life gets busy, but your kids won’t have to miss out on the fun and learning at Kidswalk. Catch up with our latest service online – watch our engaging videos that bring the Bible to life and keep your child connected with their church family.

Two individuals on stage with one holding a microphone, set against a backdrop with the words "CHUBBY BUNNY" visible. One individual is wearing a lei and a badge, while the other is in a beige outfit with a circular pendant. The girl on the right has marshmallows stuffed in her mouth.
A group of girls in orange and green t-shirts, some with beaded necklaces and lanyards, standing in front of a brick building with white columns. They are holding a sign with a decorative turtle and the words "Tangerine Turtles" written in cursive, adorned with orange flowers and ribbons.
Resources to nurture faith at home.

Current Series

Collect 'Em All

Dive deeper into our current teaching series with resources and downloads designed for family engagement. Continue the conversation at home and watch your child's faith and understanding grow with each new lesson.

Empower Your Child's Spiritual Journey

Need something else?

Kidswalk is dedicated not just to teaching but to celebrating each step of your child's spiritual growth. From joyous occasions like Child Dedications to affirming their faith through Baptism, we are here to support these milestones. Our team is eager to connect and assist you in navigating your child’s spiritual path.

Group of diverse people with children interacting joyfully on stage at a child dedication service.