Your Journey of Growth at CrossWalk Church

What's Next?

At CrossWalk Church, we believe in the transformative power of growth. Life's journey is filled with opportunities to learn, to challenge ourselves, and to evolve. No matter your current season, there's always a next step waiting for you—a step toward personal and spiritual development.



A three-week experience designed to guide you through the fundamental steps of a flourishing spiritual life. Engage with a community that supports your walk with Christ, deepens your understanding, and empowers you to make a real difference. Every first, second, and third Sunday of each month.

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Week 1: Connect – Forge a personal relationship with the local church community.

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Week 2: Grow – Nurture your spiritual maturity through guided discovery and learning.

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Week 3: Impact – Equip yourself to influence your world positively and make a lasting difference.

A man in a blue suit and white shirt standing opposite a woman with blonde curly hair wearing a white blouse with floral patterns. Having a friendly conversation in a room lit with natural light.

Find a Next Step

Silhouette of a person holding a flag with a the phrase "CROSS EQUALS LOVE" as symbols of the cross and a heart on it, standing on a beach with a mountain in the background during sunset.

Meet Jesus

Encounter the love and grace of Jesus Christ and begin your journey of faith.

Close-up of a person's hands with a pen on a Bible, highlighting a passage.

Read Your Bible

Dive into the Word of God to discover divine wisdom and guidance for everyday living.

A person in a black shirt baptizing another individual in a water tank, on a stage with musicians in the background and a screen displaying names.

Get Baptized

Publicly declare your faith and commitment through the significant act of baptism.

Two women standing inside a café, one dressed in a red blazer holding a disposable coffee cup and gesturing with her hand, the other holding a clear plastic cup, with a sunlit window in the background.

Join a Connect Group

Find your smaller community within the church and grow through life together.

Silhouette of a person holding a camera with their arm raised at a worship service with bright stage lights and a crowd in the background.

Join a Volunteer Team

Become a part of our mission by serving on one of our dedicated teams.

Young woman with glasses smiling and talking with a friend at a church gathering.

Keep Coming

Stay engaged with our community and continue to nurture your faith through regular attendance.

Two women are hugging each other closely, with one woman's head resting on the other's shoulder, the other praying over her. Neither of their faces are visible. They are wearing casual jackets and standing in a dimly lit area with blurred background lights.

Serve People

Make a positive impact by serving others and showing the love of Christ in practical ways.

A little boy side hugging a nurse wearing a surgical face mask, standing indoors with a red curtain and various items in the background. From a missions trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Give Generously

Contribute to the church's mission and help make an impact through your generosity.

An open Bible on a wooden table with a spiral notebook and pen next to it, and potted plants nearby.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

Join us on this year-long endeavor to read the Bible in chronological order.