Leading with Love

Mark & Pam Morrow

Meet Mark and Pam Morrow, the heart and soul behind CrossWalk Church. Since laying the foundation in their living room in 2001, they've nurtured a small gathering into a flourishing spiritual community. With over 25 years in ministry across Canada, Dallas, and Virginia, they embody a relentless dedication to encountering Jesus, encouraging others, and engaging the world.

Pastor Mark engaged in a heartfelt prayer with a congregant, both holding hands and facing each other with expressions of earnest communication, in a dimly lit room with soft light coming through arched windows.
A Life Dedicated to Service

Their Ministry and Vision

Mark, an ordained Assemblies of God pastor and Dean of Leadership Concentration at Ascent College, alongside Pam, have woven their vast ministry experiences into the fabric of CrossWalk Church. Their leadership is marked by a vision that champions spiritual growth, community building, and global engagement, propelled by their doctoral and vocational accolades.

The Morrow Family

A Family Rooted in Faith

With ten children, six in-laws, and sixteen grandchildren (and counting!), Mark and Pam's family is a testament to their commitment to raising a lineage grounded in God's teachings. Their greatest joy comes from seeing their family not just grow in number but also in faith, with many serving actively within CrossWalk Church.

A portrait of the Morrow family, outfitted in coordinated white and beige attire, set against a lush green backdrop with a historical brick building featuring a prominent chimney and cupola in the background, typical of Colonial Williamsburg's architectural style.
Pastor Pam Morrow giving a distressed woman a hug on a stage, one wearing a purple blouse and jeans, and the other dressed in a beige sweatshirt and matching pants with a crossbody bag, holding a microphone.
Voices of Wisdom

Authors and Mentors

Both accomplished authors, Mark and Pam Morrow offer invaluable insights into faith, leadership, and empowerment. Pam's "The Power of She" and Mark's works, including "A Faith Worth Fighting For" and "Leadership Essentials," reflect their deep understanding and passion for mentoring others on their spiritual journey.

Finding Joy in Every Moment

Beyond the Pulpit

For Mark and Pam, life beyond the ministry is about making memories with their large, loving family, enjoying the simple pleasures of coffee dates, outdoor adventures, and meaningful conversations. Their personal interests—from adrenaline-filled activities to tranquil walks—mirror their dynamic approach to life and leadership.

Portrait of CrossWalk Church's Lead Pastors, Mark & Pam Morrow.