Youth Interships

Got a flair for leading and a heart set on making a difference? Our internships aren't just about getting your hands dirty; they're about leaving a mark. It's your shot to inspire, influence, and ignite a passion for Jesus in others—while gaining epic experience along the way.

Three young adult students smiling for a photo at a youth event, one wearing a shirt with the text "SEEK FIRST."

What to Expect

We are looking for students who are excited to do ministry work for the next generation!

Tasks include:
• Following up with new people who come to service
• Setting up for Youth on a weekly basis
• Writing cards to new people
• Preparing team rosters for weekly Youth nights
• Plan and execute special events (Youth Conference, Youth Summer Nights, Youth Camp, etc.)

This group will help craft the future and vision of CrossWalk Youth.

This internship is open to all high school Juniors and Seniors.

2:30pm-8:30pm on Tuesdays

The program will be primarily at our Norge Location at 7575 Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA. However, there may be opportunities to assist in events off-site.


Interested in other internship opportunities at CrossWalk Church?

An internship at CrossWalk Church is an opportunity to grow in your personal development while daily utilizing the gifts God has given you! You will get a front row seat to what God is doing through the work of the local church.

Silhouette of a person holding a flag with a the phrase "CROSS EQUALS LOVE" as symbols of the cross and a heart on it, standing on a beach with a mountain in the background during sunset.