Where faith and friendship flourish together.

Find Your People

Dive into the heart of our church community with Connect Groups at CrossWalk Church. In these intimate gatherings, you'll experience a sense of family and belonging that transforms your faith journey into a shared adventure.

Weekly gatherings to enrich your spiritual path.

Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday at 7 PM, our doors open wide for Connect Groups at all locations.* It's the perfect midweek uplift to renew your spirit and strengthen your bonds with fellow believers.

*First Wednesdays, we elevate the experience with an Encounter Night at our Norge Location.

Two happy young women hugging and smiling at a church gathering, with warm ambient lighting in the background.
A crowd of people raising their hands towards a stage where a person with a back towards the camera is leading worship, with a projection screen in the background displaying text.
A monthly event not to be missed.

Encounter Nights

Join us on the first Wednesday each month for Encounter Night at 7pm. It's a powerful evening where all Connect Groups unite for communal worship, prayer, and communion—a time to truly feel the pulse of our church family.


Family Friendly

Worry less about childcare and focus more on your spiritual growth. Our Connect Groups coincide with childcare services for babies through 5th grade, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents every Wednesday night.

Four children standing in a room with a blue wall and striped carpet, each holding colorful Easter baskets. They are dressed in casual spring clothing and are ready for an Easter egg hunt.
Young woman with glasses smiling and talking with a friend at a church gathering.
More opportunities for everyone, any day of the week.

Groups for Everyone

If Wednesdays don't fit your schedule, we have a plethora of Connect Groups meeting throughout the week. There's a time and place for everyone to engage, learn, and grow.

Explore Your Passions. Find Your NichE.

Interest Groups

Looking for fellowship beyond the traditional Connect Group setting? Our Interest Groups are the perfect place to meet others who share your hobbies and passions. From book clubs to biking, gaming to gardening,  there's a group that caters to your interests. Grow in faith as you engage in activities you love with friends who become family.

Four individuals playing basketball outdoors, with one person wearing a purple t-shirt and black cap jumping up to shoot the ball. The others are in various poses associated with playing defense or awaiting the play's outcome. Trees and a clear sky are visible in the background.
Two men, one younger the other older, sitting on brick steps outdoors talking to one another, one in a gray polo shirt holding a water bottle and the other in a white polo shirt holding a sandwich, with a foil wrap beside him. There is a metal railing leading up the stairs in the background.
Your opportunity to make a difference.

Step Up to Lead

Feel the call to lead? We're looking for passionate individuals to guide our adult and youth Connect Groups. Embrace this chance to impact lives and exemplify servant leadership within our church community.