Here's what God did in 2022


Looking back over this past year, our heart is full of fond gratitude for the open hand that so many in our church have for the things of God.

Although this year brought challenge & loss, God was faithful each step of the way and we saw increase and miracles take place.

It is such a tremendous joy to pastor this amazing church. We are so expectant for what's in store for 2023!


“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.”


Given to Missions and Outreach

Over 325

People commited their lives to Jesus and recieved salvation!


Went public with their faith through Water Baptism.

Encounter Jesus

Celebrated over 20 baptisms during a youth conference Sunday, marking significant spiritual milestones.

Achieved a 100% response to salvation among Kidswalk participants across three locations, showcasing deep spiritual engagement.

Introduced 10 new series in Kidswalk Theater and 12 in Kidswalk Jr’s, enriching spiritual learning and connection.

Kids memorized the books of the Bible through song, performing in the main auditorium to share their spiritual growth.

Organized Easter activities teaching kids about the Sweet and Sour events of Easter, enhancing their understanding of this pivotal Christian holiday.

Held a Lit Christmas event where kids learned the true meaning of Christmas through the theme of Christmas lights, deepening their spiritual understanding.

Conducted a church-wide Bible reading plan for the first time in church history, fostering a deeper collective spiritual journey.

Participated in a peninsula-wide outreach that led to nearly 1,000 salvations, significantly impacting the local spiritual landscape.

Every child in Kidswalk accepted Jesus, underscoring the success of spiritual nurturing within the church's programs.

Reported a total of 59 baptisms and over 333 salvations from Sunday services, reflecting a vibrant spiritual community.

Encourage Each Other

Experienced growth in our leadership teams, surpassing pre-Covid numbers, indicating a strengthening of our community.

Launched our first yearlong Sisterhood mentoring/discipleship program, led by Pastor Pam, fostering deep personal and spiritual connections.

Celebrated the successful raising of new Young Adult leaders and created opportunities for their discipleship and development.

Facilitated the transportation of W&M students to church on Sundays by two Young Adults, enhancing community access and participation.

Welcomed new students to our SEU program, doubling our enrollment and introducing our first duel-enrollment student, signaling growth and development opportunities for youth.

Hosted our very first Lead Local event, attracting around 80 youth pastors and leaders for encouragement and equipping, fostering community and leadership growth.

Provided staff childcare for a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, supporting our church family's needs and strengthening our community.

Celebrated over 80 graduates from GrowthWalk, indicating a strong commitment to personal and communal growth within the church.

Engage the World

Donated over $150,000 to missions and supported over 20 local and global partners, demonstrating a strong commitment to global and community engagement.

Sent teams to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and Israel, embodying our mission to make a tangible difference in the world.

Implemented technology upgrades allowing for the first-ever livestreaming of our messages, expanding our reach and impact beyond traditional boundaries.

Engaged in city outreaches at Tech Center and undertook a significant location renovation/update at the Newport News Location, enhancing our ability to serve and engage with our local community.


Hosted numerous Kidswalk-specific events, such as a Drive-in Movie for Encounter Night and a Back to School Bash, offering diverse activities to engage and entertain.

Undertook a complete overhaul of lighting and video capabilities at both Kingsway and Newport News locations, elevating our production standards.

Successfully navigated the hiring of a new operations director and celebrated the licensing of Colby and Alexandra as ministers through the Assemblies of God, marking significant organizational milestones.

Saw our overall attendance bounce back to pre-Covid numbers and expanded our vehicle arrangement for W&M students, demonstrating resilience and growth.

What's Your Story?

As you can see, God has done so much through our church... but it's just a glimpse of all the stories he is writing! We know Jesus has touched the lives of hundreds of people who have walked through our doors. And maybe you'd say, "me too!" Well we'd love to hear how. Click the button below to send us an email and tell us your story.