We partner with missions organizations around the world in order to be a part of something greater than ourselves and meet the needs of people outside our reach.
Heart for Orphans
Heart for Orphans is a 501(c)3 ministry that provides support and stability to teens who age-out of the orphanage system. Without intervention, these kids face a life of crime, drugs, alcohol and prostitution. Many end up in prison, or sold by sex traffickers, or die too young. Feelings of abandonment, rejection, and despair is all they know!
Global Teen Challenge
Bernie & Cathy Gillott
With over 35 years of Teen Challenge ministry, international missionary evangelists Bernie and Cathy Gillott travel worldwide to train TC Staff, minister to students, develop outreach strategies, and launch indigenous choirs and ministry teams for Teen Challenge Centers around the world. Their objective is to facilitate life-transformation for people with life-controling problems by cultivating accountability and providing guidance, training, resources and leadership for existing and emerging Teen Challenge Centers worldwide.
Mark & Sandra Smith
Mark and Sandra Smith have been working in the mission field since 1987 when Mark took his first short term trip as a teenager to Dominica, West Indies. From that time, they have served as mission pastors in the U.S. and touched lives in China. They worked with the local church in Malaysia, doing missions and Royal Rangers leadership development. In Vietnam they taught Bible Studies to University students. They led teams smuggling Bibles into Laos and worked in children’s Bible camps in Thailand. They have conducted student ministries in England and most recently have been working in Mexico. Their focus is on raising up church planters and churches to reach Mexico and the world.
Mark & Ellen Cannon
Mark & Ellen Cannon founded and direct the Oasis Center in the inner city of Madrid, Spain. This innovative ministry is reaching out to thousands of Muslims and others who have immigrated there from diverse places like Morocco, Senegal and Bangladesh. Their goal is to help them integrate into Spanish society and build authentic relationships with Christians. Mark and Ellen also have built strong partnerships with local churches who are extending help to the needy in their neighborhoods. This has resulted in our partners having greater influence and reaching out even more effectively.
Southeast Asia
Paul & Ruth Ai
Paul and Ruth Ai have been called to raise up strong Christian leaders in Vietnam. As a teenager Pastor Paul left the hopelessness of Buddhism for the power of black magic, then American missionaries demonstrated the amazing power of the God they served, which made his 3300 gods seem impotent. After receiving Christ, he entered into a new battle with communist authorities for the soul of the Vietnamese people—a battle still raging today. “Some day God will open Vietnam just like He did in the Soviet Union,” Pastor Ai says. “The underground church is really growing. My job right now is to prepare and train disciples for that day.”
Steven and Sarah Sebyala
Steven Sebyala was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. While in school, Steven had a divine conviction to win souls to Jesus. With this heavy in his spirit, Steven started out to preach one on one. As the numbers of people being saved increased, he started home fellowships in the communities he preached in. Through the years, the fellowships grew into strong and dynamic churches. To date, 213 churches have been planted and strengthened in regions previously unchurched.
Eastern Europe
Ian & Judith Green
Ian & Judith Green launched the Proton Foundation, a ministry that teaches marketplace ministries to budding entrepreneurs in former communist countries.
Tony & Jamie Sabastian
Tony and Jamie Sabastian launched iHeart Cafe in the heart of Thessaloniki. Out of that cafe, they have also begun a thriving church that is reaching the downtown population. More recently, they opened Renew - a clothing consignment shop that employs young ladies who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry that is so prominent in Greece.
The Muslim World
Missionaries from Romania
The Romanian Center for Cross-Cultural Studies serves as a window toward the lost world, serving where the church meets Islam. The Center exists to equip Romanian Christians in a framework of excellence in order to send them as missionaries to unreached peoples. The center has operated in Constanta since 2000. More than half of the school’s graduates are involved in missions work among Muslims from Romani, Turkey or Kazakhstan.
Peyton & Clover Harris
Peyton and Clover Harris planted Nations Church in the heart of Istanbul. While this international church appeals to those who have moved to Turkey from abroad, they are also penetrating the Muslim community with the gospel.
Rick & Elaine Caswell
Rick & Elaine Caswell have used theIr medical skills to unlock the hearts of those living in West Africa.
Dave & Mindy Nelson
Dave & Mindy Nelson are translating Bible studies in various languages so that new believers throughout various Asian countries can grow in their discipleship.
Steve & Betty Bishop
Steve & Betty Bishop moved to Kenya after retiring from a very successful career in computer programming. Now they run a home for at-risk boys, teaching them Biblical principles and life skills so that they become productive members of society.
Friends of Agape
Friends of Agape are business professionals, church leaders, individuals and families who team with Christian organizations serving in challenging places of the world. Their focus is South Asia region with partnering ministries in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar where a large percentage of the world’s unreached people groups exist.

The ministry coordinators they partner with serve where there is very little Christian presence and people are living in utter poverty and ignorance. They share the love of Jesus, disciple emerging leaders, serve the community to improve their quality of life and transform them through holistic ministry approach.
Make a difference in the lives of others for Jesus both locally and globally.