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Thank you for taking the time today to work through our Kidswalk values. These five key statements help us stay focused so that we can continue to push Kidswalk forward at CrossWalk Church. Ultimately, we do everything to further God’s Kingdom. We exist so that kids can encounter Jesus, encourage each other, and engage the world. Our values are the strategies we use to see that mission accomplished.
1. We Will Make it Safe
Our number one priority in Kidswalk is safety! We cannot begin to grow a child’s faith without first ensuring their safety.
2. We Will Make it Fun
We want kids to love church! For that to happen, we want to make Kidswalk the fun place where kids can have fun while learning about Jesus on their level!
3. We Will Teach Jesus
Children will respond to genuine, heartfelt excitement. So whether you are flipping a light switch or communicating a Bible Story, we want kids to be able to learn about Jesus through you! Come prepared to engage kids with authenticity.
4. We Will Partner With Families
Understanding that God gave the spiritual well being of a child to the parents, our goal is to partner with them in further developing their child’s relationship with Jesus! Partnering with families goes beyond handouts. Many times it is a meaningful conversation, an unexpected gesture, or even a moment’s explanation in the middle of a busy day that will make a lasting impact on a parent.
5. We Will Raise Up Leaders
In Kidswalk, we not only want to grow kids up, we want to build them up. By the time a child graduates Kidswalk, our goal is that they would be able to use their gifts to serve Jesus and also set an example for other kids. That’s why in Kidswalk we have a culture of raising up kids to become leaders in the church! We are always looking to build new leaders!
Here’s a recap!
We will make it safe. We will make it fun. We will share Jesus. We will partner with families. We will raise up leaders.
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