Site Director

Roles and Responsibilities


Full Time Positions


The Site Director, as a liaison between the University and Church, will provide the following services.

  1. Coordination. Site Director will coordinate with representatives from the University’s School of Unrestricted Education (Extension Site and/or Regional Campus Team) and Enrollment Management (Admission and/or Marketing). 
  2. Marketing and Recruitment. Site Director will promote the local extension site program in collaboration with University admissions and marketing teams. Site Director will ensure ongoing compliance with University marketing guidelines and policies. Site Director will provide guidance regarding student application processes unique to the site.
  3. Faculty Recruitment. Site Director will identify and nominate potential adjunct faculty candidates for vetting.
  4. Training and Communication. Site Director will assist with training of and communication with adjunct faculty and students in accordance with the University’s goals and objectives communicated from time to time to the site director.
  5. Mentoring and Support. Site Director will provide support for network for students, including access to mentors for time management, life skills, and academic development. Site Director will ensure that social and spiritual opportunities are created for students. Site Director will provide support for adjunct faculty, including directing instructors to University resources.
  6. Practicum Program. Site Director will ensure the development and maintenance of a practicum program according to University standards. Site Director will identify ministry supervisors or mentors who oversee student activities. Site Director will train said individuals. Site Director will track student work and will ensure students submit necessary materials to the University.
  7. Program Oversight. Site Director will provide timely responses and will initiate input regarding the academic programs, support systems, and other resources for the site. Site Director will ensure the planning and execution of the annual site calendar.


Christian Faith – Firm Christian faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Agreement with SEU’s “What We Believe” statement, and a willingness to support SEU’s traditional heritage to include enforcing the values explained in the student handbook.

Education - An earned Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Preferred degrees are in ministry, Bible, theology, or business. 

Leadership – Strong leadership, interpersonal communication, and organizational skills required. Must be highly self-motivated, have an ability to work independently with infrequent direct supervision, and have a high tolerance for ambiguity and changing schedules. 

Collaboration – Ability to build strong relationships with students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

Teaching - Knowledge of how universities and churches function and are structured is a plus.